Implementation If most of the available code is free.
Now it is really hard to define how much the code is worth.

The value of the code is related to your own ideas, your own information, your own content, and how it is presented to the public.

This is just a empty template

The power of the Implementation

It is time to use the power of the "Copy - Paste" (Most of us call it "implementation") at your favor.

This template was downloaded from

All the nice and fancy features of this template use more free code.

Migrando desde plataformas anteriores, el mismo contenido con mejor maquillaje.

Click on AdsMX

This will show the second option of the dashboard. Some of the screens will appear without format. We just simply did not Copy - Paste the files.

You can see the real output here: AdminLTE

El site anterior

Compare it with the older web site, wrote using more free code. Ads Old Site Format